Think about it: When you’re looking for a product or service, where do you start? Online.

Having a great looking website without someone being available to answer questions is like having a store with no employees.  An online presence is no longer a supplement to your business…it is an active  channel that can provide REAL customers.  These customers have expectations that need to be met or they simply search for another provider with the click of a mouse.

What is OptikEngage?
OptikEngage is our company’s LIVE Chat and Analytics tool to engage your website visitors in real time and provide critical information about visitors; how they found you, what pages are most frequented, where/why they abandoned a potential purchase and whether your adword campaigns are working.

Turn conversations into sales
When these customers visit your website you need to engage them, or at a minimum, be there if they have a question.  Our software not only identifies where the customer is from, it also lets you know if they’ve visited your site before as well as keeps a record of previous chats.  This knowledge gives the chat agent an opportunity to ask pertinent questions such as ‘I see that on your last visit you were asking some questions about product x; do you have any more questions that I can address or are you ready to place your order?’

Be Proactive
Our software can send an agent a message to initiate a chat according to your established business rules.  For example, a business rule can be to notify an agent once someone enters the shopping cart.  A simple note, such as ‘I’m here if you have any questions’, can be sent to the customer.  These actions will reduce shopping-cart abandonment.

Chat Translation
Our software features real-time chat translation.  Visitors write in their native language and it is translated to the agent’s preferred language.  Responses are also translated back to the visitor’s language.  This feature opens up the opportunity for global sales.

Improved Customer Support

Live chat is a convenient, quick and free way for customers to contact you, no matter where they are in the world. Your customers will appreciate this. Customer queries can be resolved much faster than email without worrying if your message got blocked as spam.