Utilizing our LIVE chat and analytics software allows financial institutions to better engage website visitors and better serve their immediate needs.

Benefits include:

1)      Measurably increase total online application completions, accounts opened, and loan accounts funded

2)       Build consumer confidence by assisting with complex product and service decisions

3)       Up-sell and cross-sell loyal customers, increasing lifetime value

4)       Use best practices to target visitors with the highest potential to produce valuable business

5)       Reduce service costs and increase agent productivity

6)       Foster long-term customer satisfaction

7)       Prevent policy cancellations and/or downgrades

8)       Optimize your website with real-time monitoring and reporting that guides marketing strategies and tactics

Some examples of usage in the field include:
1) Retail banking: Hand-holding of site visitors to sign up for online banking.  This reduces the number of calls to your customer service department and the number of visitors leaving your site to check a competitor’s website.

2) Mortgages: Application forms can be provided upon request via our chat and questions about interest rates and necessary documentation can be answered.

3) Insurance: Not sure what type of insurance to buy? How do I contact an agent? These and other questions can be answered and tracked via our chat software.

4) Marketing analytics: Where do our site visitors come from? What keywords are they using to find us? What page gets the most views? This information is available in comprehensive reports that provide great input to decide where to spend marketing dollars.