Boost website reservations and customer satisfaction

When you’re looking for a vacation destination, hotel or a guesthouse, where do you start?  Online.

Airlines, hotels and guest houses are subject to extreme price sensitivity and often operate on low margins. As a result of such price sensitivity, it is essential for any business operating in this vertical to ensure that any visitor’s information is captured in real-time and that those visitors are provided with a highly engaging experience.

When you want to ask a question about the hotel or anything else such as ‘what’s the best way to travel from the airport to your hotel?”…do you want to pick up the phone and make a call or would you prefer to engage in a chat session with someone at the hotel?  The convenience and necessity of a chat feature is amplified when you throw in the fact that most people search online from their office and can’t easily pick up the phone to make a call.

Marketing Spend
 The hospitality sector is very competitive and cost-conscious.  You spend $x on online advertising for your website in the hopes of turning site visits into dollars.  Do you know if it’s working? When do you check its effectiveness?  If you check at the end of the month, you’ve just thrown away week’s worth of marketing spend on adwords that don’t work.  And then you repeat the cycle.

Why do this when you don’t have to?

Let Optik Technologies show you how to gain incremental sales from your marketing spend.  Data is all around your business.  How you collect  that data and what you do with it will determine your industry’s winners and losers.