The ability to address issues, solve problems and answer inquiries is crucial to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Our ticketing application significantly improves the productivity and responsiveness of support and service teams by streamlining tasks and improving issue management. Support and Service team personnel can now effectively track and monitor the status of customer problems raised via multiple communication channels such as live chat, email or via the web.

Advanced dynamic resource allocation within the ticketing system automatically assigns the specific customer request to the most relevant agent based on his/her skill set, ensuring the request is handled in a timely manner and vastly improves first contact resolution.

Better Service & Support

Companies can now offer faster and more convenient support to their customers and as a result improve customer retention and loyalty. The ticketing application will ensure response times are significantly reduced and problems are resolved more quickly. Customers have the ability to choose their preferred communication option either via live chat, the web or via email, so they can obtain the support they need in the manner they most prefer.

Improve Information Flow

Centralized ticketing ensures all customer problems are stored in one place for easy access, enabling support staff to stay more informed about issues and questions raised and their status to guarantee a proactive and timely response.

Increase Staff Productivity

Ticketing automates the entire end-to end problem reporting and resolution process to ensure all customer issues are handled in an efficient and effective manner. The impact on staff productivity is instantly improved by ensuring activities are better coordinated.

Reduce Support Costs

Increased first contact resolution results in reduced operating costs. Furthermore, improvements in internal process and co-ordination of support requests reduce the volume of errors ultimately saving time and money.