Application Development

The online application is by far the most useful tool to come out of the internet revolution. Creating Custom applications to manage business processes has become the norm for forward-thinking companies that need data transferred and tracked immediately and efficiently. Making companies faster and smarter is what OptikDS is all about we consult with our clients to decide what processes can be automated through this technology.

Building Robust Content Management Systems

With all the challenges facing your business, it’s clear that you don’t have the time or inclination to contact an expensive web designer to update your company’s website on a regular basis. You know that your website is an extension of your business and outdated information only hurts your online brand, but you have customers to serve, vendors to pay, people to manage, and a bottom line to worry about. You need a website management solution that facilitates easy updates with minimal training, is deployed quickly and is scalable to meet your company’s individual needs. Optik gives your business the functionality it needs at an affordable cost.

The traditional website development process requires expensive application development to get advanced functionality. This is the reason many businesses have a website that is limited, outdated and ineffective. The Optik CMS (Content Management System) uses proprietary, proven technology that is quickly integrated into your website and activated without high cost, allowing advanced functionality almost immediately.

Updates and changes can be made to your company’s website in minutes; you even decide who can change what on your site. Anyone can learn to manage an effective website in just one hour. Your organization does not need an expensive web designer/developer on staff or retainer. You save approximately 50% over 3 years as compared to vendor managed solutions.