Few environments exemplify a captive audience network as well as in the financial/banking secctor. While customers are waiting in line for tellers or elsewhere in the branch, digital signs can serve as dynamic bank message boards, delivering compelling messages about current rates and the benefits of signing up for new products and services. In some cases, the bank messaging is placed alongside live TV and news feeds, ensuring that the content remains interesting and up-to-date.  Digital sign networks can also be used for employee training purposes after the bank has closed for the day.

AdNet (an affiliated company), is the trusted advisor and primary supplier of all digital advertising content for one of the regions’ largest banks: RBC Financial Caribbean (owned by RBC Royal Bank, Canada). We develop all digital advertising content for  the banks’ internal network, ATM network, website advertising and external digital advertising networks to which they subscribe.

AdNet was also selected by Republic Bank (Trinidad & Tobago) to provide all necessary services pertaining to installing, monitoring and content creation for their multi-location banking network.