The supermarket industry was one of the first to recognize the potential of digital signage and adopt the technology. Digital Signage delivers high impact point-of-sale advertising to shoppers who explored the aisles making purchase decisions.  Our solutions help guide, inform and entertain customers, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Increase sales: New products, new packaging, price promotions and brand awareness all help to improve sales and increase impulse buying  by bringing current deals and on-going promotions to customers’ attention. Point the customers to these products’ locations to further increase the likelihood of a sale.

Build customer loyalty by improving their shopping experience in your store. Digital Signage can offer much to make shoppers’ experience more pleasant and memorable.

  • Minimize perceived wait time in check-out lines with engaging content
  • Introduce shoppers to new recipes and how-to info
  • Allow customers to locate desired foods and services quickly

We have implemented and currently manage a Digital Signage network for Trinidad & Tobago’s largest supermarket chain, Hi-Lo Food Stores Limited.  Hi Lo and other 3rd party advertisers currently use the network to target over 450,000 customers/month that walk through their doors.